YouTube The 2nd Largest Search Engine

YouTube has changed the way we search for things on the web. Now videos are more popular than ever and continuing to increase in popularity. This infographic shows just how powerful YouTube is with a bit of history on how YouTube came to be what it is today.

youtube-the-2nd-largest-search-engine_51fc087122f49 (1)

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  • I remember when Google bought Youtube and I thought they totally overpaid for it. Guess I was totally wrong.

  • I love the design on this post and i totally agree on every single tip of info placed in this post.
    Thank you for sharing..

  • I agree. Youtube has changed the way we look things up on the internet. Why search for just an article when you can look up a video on it? Sometimes you might get more information out of the video than just looking up an article.

    Thanks for the share!

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