When to Use a CDN?

For those of you who don’t know what a CDN is then let me tell you. A CDN is a Content Delivery Network, which basically is a bunch of servers around the world that are connected together. When you pay to use a CDN, your site is cached and whenever someone visits your website the data is delivered to them from the closest location. So, instead of just having your website being delivered from one location that may be far from a viewer, it is instead delivered from a server that is closer.

CDN’s are pretty popular among really big websites, because it allows them to save on bandwidth and server resources since the data being sent is already cached. Another reason they are only popular among big websites is because they can cost a pretty penny. But today we are not here to discuss prices, but rather to discuss when should you sign-up for a CDN.

Don’t Want to Upgrade Hosting for Bandwidth

Your website may not be huge in its size, and thus you may not need to buy more space to host your website. instead you need more efficient way of delivering your content to save on bandwidth. instead of upgrading your hosting package you could instead invest in some CDN bandwidth which would allow you stay on your same hosting package but also conserve on bandwidth.

Need Faster Loading Speeds Across the World

Mostly when you’re buying hosting, then you only have a choice of a few server locations. If you’re buying hosting in the United States, then most likely you’re going to go with a server location that is in the United States. Unknown to some, when a costumer or viewer from another country has to load your page then it may take longer since the server location is so far away. Purchasing bandwidth on a CDN will increase the loading speeds world-wide because the content is being delivered from locations that are closest to the viewer. This can definitely help if your host is known for having poor loading speeds in other countries, but you would prefer not to switch.

Just in Case

We all have extreme jumps in traffic, and sometimes that can lead to problems with your web host not being able to handle it If you’re blog or forum has these jumps in traffic a lot, then you might want to consider paying for some CDN bandwidth. These spikes in traffic are always awesome, but if your site goes offline because of them then you definitely need to find a solution. Well, a CDN can definitely help especially if you can’t afford fancy server hardware!

So, these are some instances where I think that you join a CDN. What do you think is the right time to join a CDN. For those who are on a CDN, who are you using? 🙂

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