Ways Not To Use Social Media


We all use a social media site, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc and we all use them differently. Still, are there ways that you can use social media the wrong way? Well, I think there’s a few ways you can use social media in the wrong way, and here they are.

Constantly Spamming Your Links

This is most common on twitter, but it’s a completely wrong way of using social media. Not only is it spamming, but it also doesn’t work when it comes to getting engagement from your followers. People aren’t going to follow a twitter account that constantly sending out links to the same site.

It’s perfectly fine to keep your following updated, but keep it to a minimum and don’t go a promoting frenzy. Or do the old “I’m just gonna connect my rss feed” because it annoys everyone. If your twitter account is having no success, and you are doing this, then it’s probably the reason why you don’t have a following.

Too Many Hashtags

This applies to every social network. I see too many people using way too many hashtags. Sure, it’s perfectly fine to use a hashtag in a status, but it’s completely unnecessary and slightly spammish to include 5+. Also, using too many hashtags will make people just want to skip over your status.

If you’re going to use hashtags, then make sure to only use a couple and make sure they make sense. Keep them about the topic you’re discussing, and don’t make them random like #Shebecrazy.

Tagging People for No Reason

If you want to piss off people, then tag them in a photo they aren’t in. Really though, people don’t want to be tagged unless it’s something related to them or it’s something important. People follow you or friend you for a reason, and they’ll eventually see what you posted. So, don’t be tagging people in random stuff as way to hopefully get some more likes, hits or comments.


If you’re doing anything above on your social media account, then sssssstop it! All it does is irritate people, and you should look for better ways to use your social media account. Don’t spam links, don’t overuse hashtags, and don’t tag people for no reason!

What are your thoughts?

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  • These are some awesome tips. They’re all very important and should be followed. It’s very unhealthy if you do them and can impact your business or website negatively. They’re also quite logical too and I hope people realize these things. I’ve seen a LOT of people that spam links and have too many hashtags. I hope they read this and they can change their strategy. 🙂

  • This is a very informative post, thanks for shaing. I completely agree with that you shouldn’t use too many hashtags or spam your links all over. It’s very common that people use many hastags, and also spamming links several times a day, which won’t be very beneficial at all, and will only hurt their business and what they are doing online. As the Gamrpro said above, they should really read this post and change the way they do things 🙂

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  • Great article! And I do agree about all of these you have mentioned above, especially the point #1 : “Constantly spamming your links” if you join a facebook group in make money online niche, most of the people in there don’t care about what others post, they join the group just to “share” their links which it’s actually SPAM lol

  • Hi!

    I totally agree. I almost never use hashtags anymore (do anyone actually seach for hashtags?). Just focus on delivering value and the rest takes care of itself.

    Victor Björklund