Using Social Media to Gain New Customers


When it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms, you might think none of them can grow your business in a salient way. In fact, social media is not just for socializing. It can actually help grow your customer base in ways you might not expect.

Here are some tips on how to capitalize on social media not only to keep your existing customers, but to expand your reach to new customers as well.

Social Networks Help Launch Viral Campaigns

Social networks can benefit businesses by launching viral campaigns to gain awareness of new customers. What this means is that your post or announcement has the potential to gain critical mass by being picked up by a handful of people and shared throughout a social network, attracting countless other readers within a short span of time.

With one click, your business’s information, campaigns, or announcements can be posted across several platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, among others. Just like word of mouth, the power of sharing information can grow exponentially across social networks and can result in your business expanding in ways you never thought possible.

Harness the Power of Testimonials

Positive customer feedback in the form of testimonials is another powerful way you can promote your business on social media. Potential customers are always looking for insight into companies and their practices, and they like to hear about people who have had quality experiences with a particular business. If you have testimonials, use them across social media as much as possible. Set up a Pinterest board featuring customer quotes and recommendations for your company. Likewise, set up a photo album on Facebook to share images and screenshots of customer testimonials.

Since the number of characters you can share on Twitter is limited, use TwitLonger as a way to tweet full testimonials on that social media site. When it comes to your business, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn – but use your customers’ own words to do it.

Don’t Forget to Use Social Video Marketing

While you’ll likely spend most of your time trying to attract new customers using the standard social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or LinkedIn, don’t forget about other ways to reach out to new customers, such as YouTube. While you may wonder how you can use YouTube and its video social site to communicate to new prospective clients, the fact is there are many ways you can add video social marketing to your arsenal of 21st-century promotion.

Companies such as AmeriSave have used YouTube’s social platform to broadcast and share important messages about their company and how they help save their customers money. In addition, other businesses have used YouTube to create a channel of videos specifically for their company that feature video interviews with their CEOS, management teams, and employees. You can also use customer testimonials in video format. Another option is to upload videos that show how your products are made and to discuss the benefits of your services and how what you offer compares or contrasts against others within your industry.

Use Your Imagination

The ways you can use YouTube to reach new customers and increase your business reputation is only limited to your imagination — and the site’s terms of service, of course.

While social media can offer recreational or leisurely interaction with friends and family members, if you’re going to avail yourself of the social platforms out there, why not maximize your time and use them to promote and market your products and services as well? By not using social media as a means to gain new customers, you could be overlooking one of your most important avenues for increased profits.

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  • Social media does help. I use Twitter to announce updates about things going on on my forum. So I’ve seen what social media can do and I can tell you it does help. I’ve gotten more traffic on my forum due to using social media than I would without it.