Using Skype Calls for Team Communication

When I started working online I mostly used text based instant messengers for communication, or just regular old email. Recently, I’ve started to use skype and it has done wonders when it comes to communicating with people on my team. So, why should you start using skype instead of email?

Better Communication

Sometimes it can be hard to get someone to picture an idea when it is the form of text. Well, when you call someone you can spend time detailing it in a way that may be more understandable. Not only that, you can also get feedback on the idea while you are detailing it out to the person.

Time Saved

As I said above, it can sometimes be hard to convey an idea in the form of text. Since communicating through speech can be a lot easier at times, the end result is less time spent typing. Even though you may only be saving a few minutes here and there; They can definitely add up and can be spent doing more for your project.

Increased Production

Since you’re talking to someone through a microphone and not using your hands to type. This then allows you keep busy while you are communicating with your team. This allows you get things done while also commanding your team around to finish things on their end. This can definitely lead to things getting finished a lot faster. I’ve never heard of anyone complaining that things are getting done 🙂 !

Relationship Builder

Even though you may have someone on your team, that may not necessarily mean that you have a relationship outside of work. When I first started communicating with members of my team it would be strictly work related. After many discussions, I found ourselves talking about things we liked and before we knew it we became pretty close friends. While you may not neccesarilly want to go to the point of becoming friends; It can definitely help build a relationship with your team which could lead to a healthy work ethic.

Skype is pretty helpful, and it doesn’t just have to be used for family and friends. It can be used to increase team communication, reduce production time, and can even help you build a relationship. What do you use Skype for?

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