Try Guest Blogging to Break into the Internet Market

Getting started as a website owner can be a long road. When your topic is one that is competitive or has a saturated market, it will take more marketing and skill to draw constant traffic to your website. With a content topic that already has a heavy internet marketing presence, the best way to succeed is to increase your website status to that of an authority site. An authority website is one that has high traffic and is a trusted web page on the target topic. Guest blogging and linking your website is a good way to market and move towards becoming an authority in your niche.

Guest blogging is generally pursued by requesting to write an article for another website. To begin this process, do a search for other websites that are similar in topic. Crawling several popular search engines is one of the best ways to find websites that match your content. Writing for websites that rank high in search engine results will be the most likely to bring your website more visitors, so writing for another authority site is always a good decision. Make contact with the owner of the website via the contact page or email address located on the site and request to write an article for the site. Most web sites are constantly looking for fresh content in order to attract search engine attention and increase website clicks. Offering new search engine optimized content for free is a large incentive for other businesses to post your guest blog.

Once you have found a website that will agree to post your content, make sure you solidify an article that will make you look competent and genuine regarding the topic. The article should be one that your target audience. Attempt to make the article both exciting and informative, to establish your ranking as an authority. At the end of your article, include your by-line, which is a short statement about you and a sentence about your website. The most important piece to the byline will be the link to your website. The click through link you provide will be the source of any traffic driven to your website from the host site.

Web site traffic should increase soon after you have placed your article on another topic authority web page. If you see a substantial increase in the website traffic, consider publishing several articles on different websites that you find. These articles can be short blurb posts or long, informative news pieces, as long as they are fresh in content and new to the website. Increasing your web presence through guest blogging will establish you as a professional in your field and create buzz for your personal website.

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  • Contrary to what most people think, guest blogging is not just to gain some backlinks. When you are starting up your blog, even if you start a well researched and quality article, you may find difficulty in getting readers for it, unless the article goes viral. It may not happen when the article is on your blog. But if the article is on a well visited blog or an authority blog, then the matter is different. You can easily gain reputation for your articles too, and not just the backlinks.

  • Hi Patrick,

    This is a great post. I totally agree with John that guest posting is not just for the backlinks but also for the direct traffic and overall viability on the net.

    Victor Björklund