Top Pinterest Features and Tools for Businesses

Pinterest has been able to prove, time and time again that social media participation can directly lead to conversions. After all, pinboards have been compared to wishlists many times, and Pinterest users are generally more open to purchasing products.

Pinterest has seen how much of an influence they can have on the success of a business, so they went ahead and made several tools to helps people get started on their platform. Below you will find the Pinterest tools that can help a business bring in more revenue.


This is a great tool for anyone who is serious about using Pinterest. You can use it to start any promotions on Pinterest, to track your results with their analytics and manage your content. Another great feature is Pinner360, that helps you identify your most influential pinners, your brand advocates as well as who engages the most with you. A very useful tool overall.

Rich Product Pins

Not too long ago, Pinterest introduced rich pins, and product pins. These pins are embedded with additional information about the product image, including pricing, stock, and where to buy online.

Studies have shown that rich pins have higher click through rates than regular pins. Plus, they also have greater visibility in the category feeds where users frequently shop for products.

Price Alerts

This is one of pinterest’s newest “tools”, which sends out notifications to users when the price drops on an item that they pinned. Since this is a new feature, it’s still yet to be seen how it may impact pinners conversions, but the hope is that the notifications will bring interested people back to purchase products.

Web Analytics

Pinterest offers its own analytics program that allows businesses to see how many people are pinning from their website, seeing their pins, and clicking on their pins. Additional information includes which images get the most repins/clicks and what else users are pinning along with your items. All of this information can be used to tailor your business or pinboards to get better conversion rates and create a better user experience.


Are all these Pinterest features/tools actually leading conversions for businesses? Yes, a lot of people have seen an increase in conversions by using these features. Still, social media is a rocky road and so obviously people have their ups and downs in revenue, but overall these features have been helping a lot of people.

So, what do you think about the above Pinterest features? Also, how much success have you been having with Pinterest?

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  • Hi Patrick!

    Thanks! This was a great article! Pinterest is one of the few social media sites that I feel I haven’t figured out yet. There is great potential in Pinterest if you know how to use it so thanks!

    Victor Björklund