Top 5 XenForo Themes of 2013

The themes listed below are what we consider the top five XenForo themes for the year 2013. While we may think that they’re good, you may not. The themes we chose are compatible with the latest version of XenForo. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the themes below!

Black Responsive by Arty ($40)

While the theme doesn’t offer many effects, or anything special in the header department. It manages to be one of my favorite themes because of the fact that it is responsive. What this means is that people can visit your site on mobile, desktop, laptop and whatever and your theme will still look the same. It comes with several color variations, and is compatible with most popular addons.

Swatch Style by John ($20)

This theme is simple, but definitely has a professional feel to it. It’s lightning fast due to it’s minimal usage of images, and is packed full of feature as well. The theme comes with 18 additional backgrounds, custom javascript and jQuery effects, customizable footer and more! If you’re not looking for something “over the top” then this is the theme for you!

Casual by PixelExit (free)

This theme has a calming color scheme that is easy on the eyes, while still managing to be on the lighter side of things. If you’re looking for a basic theme that will work on a general chat forum, or a “not so serious” niche, then Casual is the perfect theme.

We added this to our list because it’s not only a nice theme, but it was also one of the first themes to come out right after Xenforo launched.

Charm by CyberAP ($30)

I’ve been seeing a lot of forums using this theme lately, and there’s a good reason why. This has to be one of the sexiest premium xenforo themes going around. It has a great color scheme, it’s easy on the eyes, and has one of the sexiest menus to have ever hit a theme. While it’s a little on the pricier side, it’s definitely worth the cost.

Space by Zephyr ($18)

While this theme definitely isn’t going to work for most forums, it’s certainly worth the mention. Sadly, you can’t find many scifi themes out there these days, so I’m glad someone has taken it upon themselves to make one. The colors are changeable, and comes with the PSD for the logo but besides that there isn’t anything out of the norm to mention.

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