Three Reasons No One Posts on Your Forum


Even though you may be advertising your forum everywhere, you still might be struggling with getting posts. Why? Well, there can be several reasons for someone not posting on your forum. It varies from forum to forum, but below you can find three common reasons people aren’t posting on your community.

No Reason

One of the most common problems is that you don’t give people a reason to post. Sure, you may have a forum currency and a few services, but they aren’t worth squat if they don’t come with real value. Honestly, not many people care about a forum currency because you can’t pay rent with forum cash. Nobody is going to spend hours upon hours posting just to get a few forum bucks that they have barely anything to spend it on.

You have to come up with ideas that will give users a reason to post. Give some value to your own forum, whether it be through awesome or free products. With so many forums that are already bigger than yours, you can’t expect to grow without offering something valuable to your members.

Same Old Same

Your forum has the same exact sections, threads, and members as every other forum in the same niche. People need to learn that you can’t have success if you are constantly copying people, and rarely bring in your own unique ideas. Look at Facebook, they’ve copied a few things from Google+ and Twitter, yet they are dieing a slow death.

You have to bring something to the table that another forum doesn’t have. I understand that it may be hard to think of new ideas, but there is always something out there that hasn’t been offered yet. Even if you like something another forum has, try to improve it and make it unique in it’s own way.

Nothing to Respond To

I see a lot of new admins burning themselves out within the first few days of opening a forum. It’s pretty common to see an Admin, at first, posting a ton of threads daily, but then later on you barely see any new posts or threads from them. This is mostly because they burnt themselves out, and either don’t feel like posting more threads or think they’ve posted enough already.

If you aren’t making new threads daily, this is probably one of the main reasons your forum isn’t getting new posts.

Most people don’t post in the same thread more than twice, so you need to make new content daily for them to reply to. This way activity increases for members who are already there, and will bring some new members in as well.


So, those are the reasons why i think no one is posting on your forum. Basically, if you’re not giving your users something worthy of their time then a lot of them aren’t going to post. What do you think?

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  • This is a great article for anyone thinking of starting a forum or just starting out. Very good suggestions for anyone running a forum. They make a lot of sense.

    Thank you for sharing this, Patrick!

  • I’m inclined to agree with every aspect of this post you have touched base on. Lately I’ve seen a lot of advertising/forum promotion type forums getting started and then closing. You can’t offer the exact same packages that another site has and expect people to join up knowing they are coming from a more popular site.

    Admins continuously adding content daily is crucial especially at the beginning of a forums creation, but to avoid getting burnt out, it’s best to start with 2 admins on a forum and alternate stuff like that.

    Forum currency isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be, but I have on my forum with nothing to spend it on yet, however there is a reason that it’s there, and we are in the process of adding content that forum currency can be used for, but with out a plan I think it’s pointless.

    Ok, well that’s my input 🙂