The Importance of Infographics for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a powerful element of getting great traffic to your site; however these days it’s not always about having a great content; you also need a powerful visual to capture quickly capture your audience interest. Infographics are great for baiting potential visitors into taking your call to action. Here are a few reasons why you consider Infographics as part of your SEO efforts:

Builds a Viral Presence to Your Content

One of the key things you want to build your content is by making it viral. Having a picture that says a really nice message or provides tons of value will greatly help get your content spread out quicker. This is especially popular for Social Media sites like Pinterest. You can create a board dedicated specifically to a certain niche and you can post it to those interested in your topic. People will like, repin, and comment on your post all the while you’ll get more traffic to your site.

Also, you can create the same content for your Facebook fan page and your Facebook Edge Rank will increase with more awareness to your site and fan page. It’s a great way to get new subscribers and likes without putting in an extra amount of work.

Easily Embeddable on Websites

One of the advantages of creating is that people can easily embed them on their site. You can set up your graphic with an embed that has your website address and your name as a way to get credit. It’s a good way to build search engine optimization because Google loves informative graphics and content. You’ll be able to rank well on Google images because your content is original and valuable.

In a recent Q & A article Kalena Jordan described some ways how you can optimize your Infographics for search engines while also making it easy to be embedded in other sites.

Saves Your Time and Energy

The great thing about building your own graphic is you don’t have to write a large amount of text content. You can create a post that says “12 Ways to Market a Product”. Your graphic can list all of them in detail and you have your blog post ready to share. You can post it on different forums, your social sites, and even have a YouTube video sharing that picture.

Find some authoritative blogs and ask them if you can create an Infographics for their site or use your own infographic which follows their niche, you will build a guaranteed following with little to no work.

Infographics are extremely powerful images that will become more relevant in traffic building in the future. Whether you hire an expert to create one for you or you learn to create one yourself, you have a powerful asset in your body of quality work to develop more optimized content.

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