The Best Free Social Media Management Apps

Most of you (if not all) will have multiple social media accounts I am guessing.  The common problem is how to effectively and efficiently manage all those accounts you have on each different social media website. Not just posting and reading, but responding to posts and tracking trends. If you’re an ordinary guy or girl, or a business with a very small budget, there are apps that can help you easily manage your many social media accounts for you which is great!

We went ahead and put together a list of the top 6 free social media management applications that we found on the web.

1. TweetDeck


This is an obvious choice. Why obvious? Well, TweetDeck is one of the most popular apps for social media management. It works with a variety of social networks — Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google Buzz — and the multi-column dashboard shows what’s happening with all of your networks at a glance. It’s easy to stay on top of conversations and to change the settings of your account, all from one location.

While there are desktop and mobile versions of TweetDeck (as well as one that works within Google’ Chrome web browser), a web-based version is currently being tested. You can sign up to take part in the testing program but note there’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted.


2. TwitterFeed


Have a blog and want to updates from that blog to Twitter or Facebook? Then take a peek at TwitterFeed. It’s simple to use: just plug in the RSS feed for your blog into TwitterFeed, and then connect TwitterFeed to Twitter or FaceBook. Every time you post something to your blog, a link and a description is pushed out to Twitter and/or Facebook. Simple, but effective.


3. Ping.fm


If you have multiple social media accounts, posting the same message to all of the can be a chore. You have to log into each account and paste or type the same message, over and over again. Not fun. That’s where Ping.fm becomes a sanity saver.

Think of Ping.fm as a direct conduit to all of your social networks. It supports 29 of them. When you post a message through Ping.fm, it’s sent to all of your networks at the same time. You don’t even need to log into the site. You can use any number of desktop or web apps, or even web browser extensions.


4. Twaitter



Want to tweet but don’t want to spend all of your time on Twitter? Then Twaitter might just be for you. With Twaitter, you can schedule your tweets. So if you want a tweet to go out at 4:13 p.m. on July 7, you can set it up and forget it. But Twaitter does a bit more than that. You can post immediately to Twitter, read your Twitter feed and manage who you follow. And if you have an account with the bit.ly URL shortening service, you can use it with Twaitter.

But don’t think that you’re limited to just posting to Twitter. Twaitter also works with Ping.fm. So whatever gets posted from Twaitter — either scheduled or not — goes to all of the social networks you have set up in Ping.fm.


5. Threadsy



If you’re looking for something simple to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then look no further than Threadsy. Billed as an integrated communication client, Threadsy brings not only your Facebook and Twitter accounts but also your email accounts — it supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and Windows Live — into one inbox.

You can send email messages from the accounts that you’ve connected to Threadsy, as well as post to Twitter and Facebook. You can also manage your Twitter and followers Facebook friends.


6. Brizzly



Another app in the simplicity race is Brizzly. It focuses on Twitter and Facebook, and gives you quite a bit of control over your accounts. Like what? You can view and make posts on either network, send messages to your followers or friends, and upload pictures. Facebook users can view posts that they’ve recently liked or commented on.

One nifty feature of Brizzly is that it lets you know why a topic is trending on Twitter. You can also edit the explanation if you think it’s wrong or if you have more information.


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  • Wow great review! I will be honest and say I had heard of ping.fm and TweetDeck but I had never heard of the rest! And ping.fm handles 29 different social media accounts? That is fantastic. I am going to check out that Brizzly though because I am always trying to look for trendy topics. Thank you so much for this article on free apps to manage social media.

    • I have not heard of any of the other services either. I seriously hope that someone cares enough to use all 29 different social media sites that ping handles. That would be simply ridiculous. Facebook and twitter is all I use, so I’m going to go check out Treadsy. Thanks for pointing these sites to manage my media.

  • Reading you, I just realized how little I know. I never heard about any of those websites. To be honest I just subscribed to Tweeter.

    I will have a look at those website to see what they could do for me.


  • I can highly recommend TweetDeck. Best thing about it is that, there is both Android and iOS apps. Its like having 4-5 apps in one.

    Good list.

  • Thanks for the reviews! I haven’t heard of ping.fm yet until now! It sounds really handy. Although I’m sure you might not want to post to twitter and Facebook at the same time, seeing as hashtags are pointless on Facebook.

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