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Often times, webmasters become overwhelmed with their duties. It’s almost impossible to single handedly sculpt a website, while driving and monitoring traffic, working with advertising companies to monetizing your traffic, advertising your site, and maintaining a social media presence. When publishers decide to focus on one or two of these founding concepts, they inevitably end up losing money through opportunity costs.

Value View Media is an online marketing company designed to help small publishers get started with bringing their website to its full potential; even if you’re on a tight budget.

Social Media

Picking, editing, and creating the right content to appeal to users on social networks can be difficult and time consuming. Add in creating agreements with social media partners in similar niches and responding to your fan base, and it becomes virtually impossible to maintain a successful social media presence while running a website. Value View Media can take over your social media duties, and depending on your current social media presence, actually pay you to let VVM work for you. This is possible because Value View Media maintains a network of social media profiles that share advertising space. For instance, we advertise another non-competitor site on your social media channels, and others will advertise yours. Of course, VVM maintains a balance of good content, so your social media channels are not filled with advertising. Value View Media also has access to paying campaigns, and can actually monetize your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and Tumblr pages.


Monetizing a site is hard work. It can be difficult finding trust worthy publisher networks that don’t piggy back off of larger networks and exchanges that can end up serving popups or redirecting ads to random visitors. Even if you do find a trustworthy network, you still need additional partners, to mitigate the possibility of losing revenue in the event that earnings are reversed due to an advertiser paying with a stolen credit card, or the network itself stealing your earnings due to “suspicious activity”. Value View Media is a network that offers the best of both worlds. Not only do they strictly serve brand-safe banner ads, but payouts are made daily. Meaning you’ll never have to worry if you will be receiving your next big paycheck. To make matters even better, they are a CPM based network, and have eCPM’s reaching up to $0.50. Best of all, you can use Value View Media with Adsense as a backup network, or use VVM as your backup to Adsense.


Advertising on a budget can be tough. Most marketing companies require a hefty budget to reach the audience you’re looking for. Value View Media offers social media advertising as well as banner advertising to companies with budgets big or small. Get shout outs on Facebook and Twitter, pictures of your company on Pinterest, even product placements in YouTube videos.

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