Pointers for Finding the Best Copywriting Service


Looking to hire someone to write for you as a form of marketing, drawing business, and increasing the bottom line? You’re in luck.

This field has exploded in the last few years. Content marketing is now a must, and you know why? It works. If the goal is to increase your website’s conversion rates, you’ll get the biggest bang for your marketing and advertising buck by hiring a writer with a personality and excellent skills.

Follow these tips to get the very best service possible.

Go To The Right Places

Writers hang out together. Join in the conversation and feel out some personalities by heading to Guru.com, Elance.com, Craigslist or Freelancer.com.

Observe and study how the copywriters present themselves, and see if their writing personality matches the professional, smart, cool, savvy, hard sales, soft sales, funny, serious, and/or engaging vibe that will best partner with your goals. Do take some time to really think about the vibe you’re looking for.

Ask The Right Questions

Here’s the deal. Most readers have the attention span of a gnat. They’ll search and look for something, and before they know it, they’ve clicked on four other websites and are now reading about something that they simply didn’t intend to search for at all.

Your goal is to find someone who will write in a way that will engage those gnats and hold their attention. Look for the writer who can team up with you to get that done.

Ask questions that will truly reveal if it will be a good fit:

  • Does the writer understand your objectives?
  • Does the writer have testimonials?
  • Are the writing samples easy to follow, engaging, intelligent, and humorous?
  • Will the writer agree to one edit request, free of charge?

Find The Right Fit

Think back for a second — who did you go to the prom with? Just like finding that high school prom date, the goal here is find the right fit. (You’re taking a jog down Memory Lane right now, aren’t you? Gotcha.)

While your relationship with your copywriter won’t involve wrist corsages or staged photos with fake trees in the background, it’s wise to go into this business deal with the word “relationship” in mind. You’re going to want to build trust and even a bit of friendship, because here’s the thing: You’re going to need favors. You’re going to need an occasional rush job or extra effort. Your copywriter will be more likely to drop everything and get the job done if he or she likes you and feels really well treated and truly a part of your team.

Once you’ve found a few potential choices, ask for a writing sample that matches your objectives and writes to your target demographic. Weigh the results and the “fit” of personalities, and then order a wrist corsage to seal the deal. Just kidding. That’d be weird.

Just remember, this should be a relaxed, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial connection for both of you. Build a great relationship with your copywriter, and watch the bottom line soar.

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