How A Page Design Can Convert Viewers Into Buyers

When it comes to conceptualizing a final design for an e commerce page, creativity is good but usability is way much better. Flash animations may needlessly delay shoppers when they are about to check out; appealing, innovative style elements may prove to be a little more puzzling, especially for not tech savvy users, and two stylish color schemes can send the clients a bad brand impression. A confused viewer is the one that will quickly hit the back button to shop elsewhere. An online storefront has to be well designed to be able to convert that viewer into a paying client.

An e-commerce page that does not only appeal the naked eyes, but also converts well, is the ultimate dream of any web design.Offering a positive user experience on your e commerce pages directly translates into better conversion rates. Better conversion rate equals revenue added to a business’ bottom line. E-commerce pages have a conversion rate from at least 1-5%, a figure that can stand to be improved. Profitable sites are the ones that know its target group very well. When styling a page, you must ask yourself the following questions: Who are the group of people who will more or less become interested in buying the products from that page? What can influence them to make a purchase? Do they need detailed information or they just like to make the browsing and buying process as quickly as possible? Give them just what they want and need to make it an enjoyable experience to avail products or services from you.

 The Buyer’s View Point

Design the page from a buyer’s point of view. Try to make things simple and easy to understand and use. The navigation should be smooth and the client must not feel lost or confused when browsing your page. Be sure that the basic tools such as shopping cart, page’s FAQ and help, or shipping details are all available from every page of the website.

Make it simple and fun for them to see the list of your products or services. Showcase them all properly using top quality pictures; make it more detailed and upload more than just one. It is better to use neutral colors as a background when flashing the photos of the products. In the item descriptions, it is good to use descriptive instead of technical terms.

 Offering an Enjoyable Experience

Failing to offer an enjoyable experience will result in high shopping cart abandonment rates. Never make your viewers pissed off with any aspect of the buying process, or they won’t become buyers. There are several e-commerce pages available online, so why would they choose yours?

You see, web designing is just one of the fundamentals of e-commerce business. If you want to do well in sales, you have to be good at putting up a site and presenting your brand to the public first. The time, money, and effort investing on your own website will definitely have benefits in terms of brand building, sales, and client retention.

Written by Dorothy Matthews of, one of the top web design companies based in New York.

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