Offer Bonus Products

Offering great bonus products with your main product is key, and is vital to your success. It shouldn’t just be a side note. Finding those products to offer should be one of your priorities.

Many customers are on the fence about whether or not they will buy a particular product, but sometimes a great bonus (or bonuses) can be the thing that pushes them to buy. A valuable bonus might even be the main reason a customer buys.

Provide Quality Bonuses

The main thing to remember is to provide quality bonuses instead of quantity. There are a couple of reasons for this. Sometimes you’ll see people selling a product and offering ten or even twenty bonuses, but none of them can be used for a good purpose. Unfortunately there are a couple of problems with this.

One is that it’s pretty dang tough, if not impossible to find or provide ten or twenty relevant bonuses. Most of them will be old and some of them outdated or just poor quality. Relevance is key – if you are selling a product on affiliate marketing it’s unlikely that your customers will care much about a bonus on membership sites.

Another problem with overuse of bonuses is that it sends a message to the potential customer that your main product isn’t very good. If your main product is great, you don’t need ten or twenty bonuses!

Complement Your Main Product

The bonuses should complement your main product and augment your overall offer. The bonuses can add so much to your offer and cover all of your bases. There is usually so much to cover about a particular subject. It’s tough to cover all the aspects in one product. When you have some great bonuses, then you can cover all of your bases.

So How Many Should You Have?

Three bonuses is a good number that shows the potential customer that the main product is of great quality and yet, it shows them that you have gone the extra mile and offered some great bonuses. It also usually allows you to cover the topic completely.

Another Question Is Where Do I Find MY Bonus Product?

Well, sometimes you can use products of your own (if you have them). Maybe something you sold in the past but now is no longer on the market. Or you can create products from scratch – sometimes people offer videos, cheat sheets, mind maps or action plans.

If you don’t want to create a product you could look for some with PLR rights. This means that you can give the product away as a bonus, just make sure you know the rights of the product. There are quite a few places to find PLR products. PLR is great because you have the right to edit and change the product – if nothing else it’s a good idea to change the title and the ecover to make it look like a product of your own. If you want to find PLR products just Google ‘plr report’ or ‘plr ebooks’ along with the name of your niche and you should come up with plenty.

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  • This is a good idea. I totally agree with the idea of offering bonuses that compliment your main product. Especially if people are already interesting in your product anyway. Great idea!