Is Article Marketing Still Working?


Article Marketing has been around for almost 15 years now, during the 2000 – 2008 period, SEOs and Internet Marketing professionals used article marketing to a great extent to get traffic and improve their rankings in Google. The reason behind it was, these article directories used to get a lot of traffic and their crawling rate was immense, hence the links coming from these article directories provided huge SEO benefits to the websites.

Google Panda Effect

But after the Panda update, we saw a sudden drop in the traffic of popular article directories (including EzineArticles), Google dropped many of their pages from their index because of being low quality and built just to create a backlink. Many articles directories got completely de-indexed and few got penalized and never recovered from that penalty.

Quality vs Quantity

Google is now more concerned with the quality of content rather than the quantity of content; hence a website with only 10 pages of ultra high quality, engaging and informative content can beat a website with thousands of pages easily. Therefore it is critical to see article marketing in a completely different spectrum these days, instead of just bombarding the web with junk articles.

Best way of Communicating

Articles are by far a much better way of communicating with your target market, as you are able to convey your message with detail in articles, and make your business appear as an authority in the niche. Traditional, ads, classifieds, press release, don’t provide such a value, hence write articles not just to build backlinks but to build authority and attract prospects.

In order to write an effective article, keep the following points mind:

  • How to articles perform the best.
  • Catchy and interesting article title is essential for success.
  • Be straight and to the point – absolutely no fluff.
  • Write a descriptive summary
  • Do your research and then write.
  • Link to the references you used for research (huge SEO value)
  • Use LSI keywords in addition to your main keyword – no keyword stuffing.

Positive and engaging titles do wonders to overall CTR for any article, so instead of writing a boring, and to the point article title, write something interesting that entice the end-user to click on the link and read more.

Article Marketing is not dead at all; the game has just got tougher. So in order to get the best of this ever-lasting SEO strategy you have level-up your SEO as well, and concentrate on quality content and high quality article directories.

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  • You just got it to the point!
    I’m using article marketing on platforms like Ezine, Amazines or GoArticles just to spread my words as broad as possible. As a blogger or entrepreneur you’ll want to let your audience decide, how they consume your content.
    If your content resolves problems for your audience, it will go viral and provide valuable traffic streams to your site.


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