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Today we did a interview with Steve Giordano who is the CEO of which is a popular choice for targeted traffic since 2005. Let us know what you think, hope you enjoy the interview!

1. Steve, being the CEO of what are your day to day responsibilities?

My day to day responsibilities are primarily concerned with managing Revisitors’ growth. This includes working with our ad publishers to make sure we have the volume of traffic our customers need. I also work closely with out IT and development staff to make sure that we’re delivering visitors efficiently to our customers’ websites. This of course boils down to lots of one on one time with Revisitors’ employees, as well as a number of meetings and conference calls.

2. Where do you see Revisitors being 10 years from now?

Advertising is a growing market and advertising on the Internet is growing at a faster pace than any other segment. Revisitors will remain focused on serving our customers’ needs in Internet advertising. We’re working to improve the quality of the traffic we offer and also expand product line-up–we’re currently working to expand our social media offerings. Revisitors is also an active member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), where we work with other advertising companies to ensure that Internet advertising remains an ethical, cost-effective, and customer service oriented industry.

3. Roughly how much traffic do you deliver per month?

Our volumes tend to average around 20-30 million visitors a month.

4. Do you have any new features or new products coming up in the near future that you would like to give our readers a “sneak peak” on?

Can’t reveal too much, all I can say is that we are spending a lot of research efforts on the social media advertising field.

5. What would you say is the number one method of advertising that has brought Revisitors the success it has today?

Our success has been built solidly on our quality, targeted web traffic, redirected to our customers websites from our networks of categorized ads. We’ve grown by offering innovative products that complement our traffic campaigns. Our focus on customer service and attention to detail has helped us build a large, dedicated customer base over the years.

6. What is your best-selling package/offer?

Our best-selling package and best deal is our Massive Website Exposure package. With 20,000 visitors, a backlink, and submission to hundreds of search engines and blogs for $49, it’s tough to beat.

9. How would you say Revisitors stands as far as the targeted traffic niche?

Revisitors has excelled in the targeted traffic niche by offering great prices for high quality traffic. We’re constantly working to improve our provider network so that we can offer the best ROI in targeted traffic. Our customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction are also second to none—we do our best to ensure all Revisitors customers have a positive experience.

Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  • Nice interview, I really liked reading it! 🙂

  • heard from my friend who experienced with and he said they are the best for traffic and also i heard about steve from him and i love your articles can we get some more about seo tips and tricks ?

    • I`ll post some more SEO tricks later on today or tomorrow! 🙂

  • Steve has a difficult, but important job being in charge of The Massive Website Exposure package sounds like a real bargain for $49.00 and that amount is within the budget of most people.

  • Im new to the SEO scene and would like to know what exactly is the purpose of purchasing traffic? shouldnt it be organic? Like I said im very new so any help is appreciated 🙂

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