Interview with Kyle Bragger Founder of Forrst.com

We have another great interview for you today with the founder of Forrst.com Kyle Bragger. Forrst is a community of developers and designers that share their work with eachother, giving and receiving feedback to help them improve on their skills. Created in 2009, Forrst has a userbase of over 50,000 developers and designers.


Could you tell us a few things about yourself, what do you do when you are not working extremely hard developing and managing Forrst?

Kyle: I like hanging out with the lady, thinking about products, enjoying a good craft beer, trying not to let work get the better of me.


What is a typical day in the shoes of Kyle Bragger?

Kyle: I get up, run, head to the office, work with our designer, Keith, on whatever it is we’re doing that day/week. I wear many hats — anything from typical ceo stuff to product design, wireframing, engineering, sysadmin stuff, biz dev. you name it.


Over the years how many websites have you created and what happened to them?

Kyle: There has been too many to count! i’ve sold a few, shut down a ton, scrapped some. Forrst was the one that took off :)


Forrst has a very interesting name and overall look, what made you choose the name Forrst?

Kyle: Thanks! I wanted to convey a group of related/closely bound things. a forest is composed of many trees and is a system, of sorts


Forrst is one of the most popular websites of its type, How do you think Forrst differentiates from the rest? What makes people choose it over the others?

Kyle: The quality of the feedback and the eagerness of the community to be helpful (sometimes to a fault)


The new Forrst is starting to take shape very well, What was the reason behind the complete re-design? Can you show us any features not yet included in the test site?

Kyle: There is nothing to see other than the test stuff for now. we wanted to give the visual language an overhaul — get things on a grid, make it easier for us to build features by making everything highly modular. now we can spend less time worrying about what X looks like because we already have a pattern for it. other big thing is huge emphasis on content, especially comments.


In an age where User experience (UX) is the key to any successful web app what tips would you give to anybody trying to please the masses?

Kyle: Just don’t :) figure out who your core/best users are and be relentless in making them happy.


If you were to setup a forum for whatever reason, Which forum software would you choose and why?

Kyle: I actually have no idea. i’d likely build a custom solution based on the needs, but if i -had- to install a forum, probably vanilla. i hear good things.


There you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed our interview with Kyle Bragger over at Forrst! Keep up the great work over there!

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