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We decided to interview someone in the hosting field for this week. Here is a interview with Justin, the CEO of which is a popular choice for hosting and has been in business for some time now.

1. Justin, being the CEO of what are your day to day responsibilities?

I wear many hats but my primary job is to make sure from the Business Side everything is operating efficiently and with one thing in mind. That’s providing the best customer service experience in the industry. We’re very customer centric as we like to take the approach “treat our customers like we’d want to be treated”. As a company other than providing excellent 24/7 Technical Support I can say without hesitation our customer service is unmatched in the hosting industry. I also focus on new projects as well which we’re soon going to be launching a sister company. Stay tuned as this is something we’re all quite proud of.

2. Where do you see KnownHost being 10 years from now?

I see us continuing to grow and innovating. We will evolve as needed and do whatever is necessary to continue to be one of the most respected Managed VPS Hosting companies in the world. We may make acquisitions along the way
as well as our business model allows us to expand in a way we can do such things.

3. Roughly how many clients would you say KnownHost has?

We have several thousand customers from countries all over the world. We’re quite popular outside the United States as well so as we grow we will also potentially expand into new markets even more then we do at the moment.

4. Do you have any new features or new products coming up in the near future that you would like to give our readers a “sneak peak” on?

We will be launching a sister company This will be an Unmanaged VPS Hosting company with “value” kept as a focus. So prices will be cheaper but no corners will be cut with the type of servers we use.

5. What would you say is the number one method of advertising that brings KnownHost its clients?

Word of mouth is our greatest source of growth. We have referrals from existing customers on a daily basis.

6. Is your support that you provide to your customers in house or outsourced? Also, do you give your customers a guarantee on the response times?

Our average response time is 15-20 minutes 24/7/365. We have Support personnel all over the world including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and a few other locations.

7. Where are your offices located?

We have offices in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Georgia at this current time.

8. While the economy is low around the United States is KnownHost still hiring employees? Do you feel that your business is still growing?

Yes, we are still growing and this is due to our focus on providing quality hosting services. Word of mouth is powerful and in our case is stronger and stronger each year. We continue to add employees as well based on the growth.

9. How would you say KnownHost stands as far as the web hosting industry?

We feel we’re one of the best Managed VPS Hosting companies and factoring in our expertise this won’t change. We continue to listen to our customers and evolve as needed. This year was our biggest growth year ever so even with a weaker economy KnownHost continues to grow.

10. We would like to thank you Justin the CEO of KnownHost for taking the time out of your day to have a interview with us at Exchange4Me. Do you have anything else you would like to say?

Good luck to everyone in 2012!! If you ever need a VPS solution don’t hesitate to contact us at sales(at) I’m confident we can help your online presence be less stressful and more importantly even more successful.

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  • Justin, it sounds like you’re doing everything right! Quality customer service, quick response time, and providing the best product, all result in happy customers.

  • This interview shows an example of a successful person and by asking these kind of questions we understand and learn to follow the steps of Justin towards success

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