How Accepting Online Orders Can Help Boost Your Business

Let’s face it: The product you sell can probably be purchased in many ways, from multiple vendors, at any time of the day or night.

Research says that most shoppers will actually abandon their online shopping cart if their preferred method of payment is not offered to them at check out. Yes, even after they have shopped, clicked, studied, compared and even decided to buy. They will simply click that little “x” at the top right of the screen if they can’t use their favorite form of plastic. Hasta la vista, baby. You’ve just lost some sales.

Don’t Let That Happen!

Now’s the time to be sure that you’re offering your customers the very easiest way for them to get the product they want – and for you to get the sale that you want.

Let them pay their way: From paying their dentist or pediatrician bill to treating the kids to their yearbook or class ring, to buying Uncle Bob that perfect little treat for his birthday – the sales will happen if the relaxed buyers can check off items on the to-do list from the privacy of their office or home computer.

Allowing your customers the freedom to “pay their way” will create a two-way street that you want to be long and well-traveled. Let them, let them, let them!

Ouch! Ready for a little bit of bad news? This might be tough to read, but if you don’t already accept credit cards online, you are 1) behind the times and 2) losing sales.

Everyone wins! The outcomes for joining the new millennium are strong (and, okay, it’s not so new anymore!).

Choosing to let your buyers pay with plastic ensures that you are a credible business, and it guarantees that you won’t be dealing with bounced checks or having to chase a payment. And if this method of accepting payment has been a bit intimidating to you, take some time to realize that getting up and running to do so is now downright easy. From adding a little gadget to your cell phone that enables you to swipe a credit card, to having an option of online payment right through your website, it’s never been easier.

So what are you waiting for? Start accepting online orders now and don’t miss out on your next sale!


Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles about business, the economy, education, and health and wellness.

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