Get The Best SEO Company: Avoid Getting Scammed

SEO, a multibillion dollar industry with the purpose of improving organic search engine rankings, is now the focus of countless online experts as reports of scamming continue to rise. And while it may seem as easy as avoiding anyone who looks a bit suspicious, it is worth mentioning that scam artists are getting smarter. In the following read, get to know some of the signs that show you are dealing with scammers when shopping for the best SEO Company.

1. Companies that have a set price for the main services offered

Any SEO company that is serious about increasing your traffic and improving your rank on search engine results will make a point of finding out what your needs are, your position relative to your competitors’ and the market that you are in before they give you an estimate. Other companies that are quick to give you a fixed price for the job before looking in to any of the above factors are clearly scammers. Look at it this way, if you wanted to win in a running race, you’d have to be aware of the class of runners you’re competing against and the distance of the run, after all, running a marathon against Olympic champions is quite different from running a 10 yard race against old men with walking sticks, right? Thus, the best SEO Company will calculate costs after carrying out some competition and keyword analysis. Keep in mind that every market is as different as every competitor; no one can tell you what needs to be done without carrying out a research first.

2. Free of cost Services

Many of you will agree that we are indeed living in frugal times, reason why any SEO agent offering free of cost services should be avoided. Sure, there can be special rebates, low pricing or that odd service offered for free along other services once in a while but having an entire service for free is nothing but a scam. In most cases, companies that provide such offers are usually looking to gain access to your information and details.

3. Does it sound too good to be true? It probably is

If you just hired an SEO company to help you out with your SEO and they come up with reports that state they could get you rankings which are extremely hard or even impossible, then there’s a very high chance you are getting scammed. On the same line are the companies that claim to have the ‘secret formula’ for perfect SEO, this is not true. To achieve true success in SEO, all you need to do is to work with the right focus and make the right effort.

4. Do not rely on words, Get Proof

For some reason, majority of SEO freelancers and companies tend to believe that their clients will take anything that comes out of their mouths as the gospel truth, and most clients actually do. Instead of making your decisions based on what you are told, consider asking your company for proof; requesting for a track record on the previous websites they have optimized and for what keywords is the most advisable way to go about it.

There are plenty more repercussions out there, hopefully the ones listed above will help you successfully avoid scammers.

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The research and information in this article is provided by Larry Smith, an Internet Marketing specialist at Neueseo. Larry provides consulting and managing services to small and mid size clients on all aspects of online marketing and web design. You can find more of his posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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