Free Website Evaluation Tools

The main question I have noticed that most webmasters ask is “where can I evaluate my website?” or “I want to improve my website but do not know WHAT to improve…help?”. I have a answer to both of these questions. I have over the years used several website analysis tools to help evaluate my sites and to improve my sites SEO.

Below are the top two websites that I would recommend you use on a frequent basis to evaluate your website. Both of these websites are very reliable and I would highly recommend you follow their suggestions on how you can improve your website.


WooRank is a great website to help you evaluate your website and see what you need to improve on. It provides you detailed information on what you are currently doing wrong and why you should improve it as well as how important it is to improve. The only downside to WooRank is now they only allow you to evaluate your website once every week free. You can though upgrade to a paid account to be able to evaluate your website more frequently.

Pear Analytics

Pear Analytics is another good website that allows you to receive a free report on your website. The only downside to Pear Analytics is it does not provide a lot of information. It does provide some good information but does not do a total website evaluation like WooRank does.


Enjoy these two great free websites! 🙂

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  • Fantastic web site. Plenty of helpful info here. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. I also use some extensions and addons on firefox and chrome. I am net at this and for now, I do not want to spend money on seo. Still learning.
    Thank you and best of luck.

  • I would also recommend using to analyze your link profile. It will tell you what new backlinks you have gained/lost, what the anchor text used for your links, and also your rankings for specific keywords. Although you have to pay to get unlimited access, the free version still gives you a decent amount of information to give you an idea of what’s going on.

  • Thanks for the share! I have not seen this website yet. It is actually pretty useful! 🙂

  • TY! Its nice to know that there are other services out there other than google. I find they take too much privacy away so I was looking for other alternatives. I do find them to be the best however I really dont want people from google messing in my business lol

  • Great article. I do quite a bit of research on line and I had not heard of either site. I always appreciate finding a unique piece of information. I will definitely be looking at both of the sites mentioned. FREE is the magic word for me!

  • First of all, Thanks for this informative article.. I’ll be using these tools to evaluate my sites which have been moving up and down the SERPs the last couple of days, maybe it’s due to google updates, but you never know. Moreover, I would really appreciate it if you add more site evaluation tools and maybe some analytic tools. Anyway, Thanks for this very informative article!

  • Firstly I d like to say thank you, for this article.These tools will surely be very helpful to me when testing my blogs. Well it would have been better if the list was longer and maybe more rich like traffic tools or rank tools.