Free $5 Coupon For SEOClerks.com

Hello All,

Today we were made aware by an administrator over at SEOClerks.com that they want to give our readers a free $5 just to sign up at SEOClerks. You may be wondering “what is SEOClerks?” SEOClerks is a micro gig marketplace similar to fiverr but completely focused on SEO related gigs. I personally have used their services many times in the past and have had top quality service from any gig I have purchased. They do have a completely different platform then fiverr and do have some added bonuses that fiverr does not.

What does it hurt, you get a FREE $5 just for signing up? Sign up today!

How to Redeem
1) Signup/login at SEOClerks.com
2) Goto http://www.seoclerks.com/balance?tab=shopping
3) Enter “WebmasterNerd” in the right hand corner to get your free $5
4) Click Apply

Enjoy their service! 🙂

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  • This is awesome, thanks for the coupon code! 😀

  • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Hi. Is the coupon still available? I have applied it but it says: “Empty or Invalid Coupon Code – Keep guessing, maybe you’ll find one.” Do you have a new one? Thanks !

  • I expect the coupon to be expired one way or the other. I have never used their services, but since their prices does look better than those of Fiverr, we are expected to find better gigs in SEOClerks that in Fiverr.

  • Hi guys. SEOClerks101 is giving away SEOClerks free Coupon codes. Check them out on http://www.seoclerks101.com