Five Ways to Lose Your Facebook Fans Quickly

Facebook Fans

When you first start a Facebook marketing campaign, it is rather easy to make mistakes. There are so many things you should avoid and rules to follow, it is not hard to mess up a time or two. Given this, it is also rather important that you learn from your mistakes. People that struggle with keeping their Facebook fans fit a certain profile. In fact, they generally are doing some combination of the following five things:

Posting Too Much

Beginners are notorious for this primarily out of innocent enthusiasm. They figure that more is always better and clog of the news-feeds of every Facebook account they are linked to. I guarantee you that will lose your fans and friends quicker than anything. Nobody wants to sift through any one person’s postings every time they log on to their account. On Facebook it is about quality and not quantity for sure.

Pimping Too Much

Whether you are selling something of your own or you are selling for other people, pimping too much is a crime on Facebook. Spam is not looked upon well over there any more than it is elsewhere. The bottom line is that an occasional plug is cool. Just keep away from constantly asking folks to buy stuff. They don’t like that very much when it is the only thing they are getting from your feed.

Ignoring Others In the Industry

Regardless of who your are and what business you are in, the odds are astronomical that you are the best in the business. Somebody out there is likely as good or better than you at what you are doing. It is very important to network with those people, share some of their stuff and generate linkage. Not only is the right thing to do…it is also a wonderful way to drum up respectability and business. Go learn something new by paying attention to others!

Never Posting Anything Original

If the only thing you do is post links to other people’s stuff, then you are probably not going to get very far. You have to go out there and either purchase some awesome content or come up with some of your own. Don’t rely on others for your information all the time because that brings nothing new to the table. Something new is what can set you apart from your competition.

Self Promoting Too Much

If you created a Facebook page for yourself or your business and then took the time to post on it regularly, then we already know you believe in yourself. Being confident and constantly shoving your “talents” down everyone’s throat are two different beasts. Take time to promote yourself and your brand, but do it as an aside to your daily feed. Don’t let it be the only thing your feed focuses on. You laugh, but people do this all the time. Take a look on your Facebook feed and I bet you will find that close to twenty percent or more are pimping themselves constantly and doing little else.

If you stick to these basic ideals and never forget them, you will generally have a Facebook feed that most will enjoy. Never be afraid to step out and try something new, but just make sure you are changing things up on a regular basis. Keep it fresh, relevant and occasional and you will be good to go.

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