Expensive But Inefficient vs Cheap And Functional Advertising Methods

Cheap things tend to attract serious bashing from people even when they don’t understand the intricacies; the fact that there is an alternative that is more costly, they don’t care to investigate but join the train. However, with the number of business people that understand and use HTML, internet advertising can be great if the cost is down. So, are there truly any functional or useful ‘cheap methods’ of internet advertising?

The Costly But Optional

Incessant Pop-ups

A lot of SEO marketing experts rely hugely on the power of pop-ups. I am darn sure that you must have noticed the new (or not so new) trend of pop-ups that blur the main page, asking you to submit your email for a trail of the product before you even know the price and description of the product. These are not only expensive to use as an SEO tool, they are truly annoying and send potential clients away faster than they came. This same truth applies to fly ads; they are close cousins of pop-ups. The good news? You can do without pop-ups and yet go on to build a great website that would attract long term repeat customers.

Bandwidth-guzzling Pop Casts

As useful as podcasts can be to explain or display to a very satisfactory level what the marketer wants to convey, they are very expensive and sucks data off bandwidths like tornadoes suck anything on their path. This is very crucial especially for countries where internet connection hasn’t gotten to the peak. The podcasts might be useful, but they scare away potential customers, especially where there are no ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’ buttons. So, why use your money to scare away clients?

Search Engine Give Away

The pay-per-click system and search engine fees can be killing; I know many new businesses who have closed shop because they could not sustain the fee these companies are charging them to keep their websites on the first pages of search results. This is especially depressing following the fact that it is not all clicks on the website that leads to a buy. It can be quite expensive and unsustainable to remain with this method even for up to six months especially for young, growing companies.

The Cheap and Effective

Popular Blogging

Blogging may be considered too stressful or commonplace; but it has proven to be one of the most effective ways to advertise your goods and services online. SEO-rich articles can be uploaded every day or weekly to drive traffic to your blog. Especially when you have something really worth buying. Best of all, it is your site and how you manage it is up to you. So whether you put one or more banners advertising your products is entirely your business. It is cheap, functional, and effective. It works!

Smaller Search Engine Companies

Yahoo and Google are not the only search engine companies for God’s sake. These are so big that they can ignore your money and your website completely. So, why not try something smaller, perhaps regional. If you run a business that is local and concentrated in a small place, I advise you use smaller search engine companies.

Be wise, be smart. Not all things expensive are relevant or effective, try to be ingenious and you might just get that breakthrough!

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