Email And Social Media As Twin Vehicles To Enhance Your SEO Strategy

Every time we think that the social media craze is over or dying down, we get the shock of our lives; a new one is born that completely takes our breadth away. Anytime we consider the usefulness of one social media site as obsolete, the techies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere give us the moments of our lives with great social sites and life transforming apps. It is indeed a great time to be alive.

Use Social Media

Adding social media to your traditional email marketing can do your marketing strategies more good than you can think of. Having a great website that is fully e-commerce enabled or a simple blog that explains the service you offer is a great way to start making money from the internet; but marketing your ideas can be a little more challenging. Be that as it may, blending the traditional role of ‘email list marketing’ with the latest technology you can find on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram can cause your profits to soar tremendously.

Social Media Contact Lists

Social media contacts list, their relevance to particular niches and brands, their wants in terms of geographical location, age, and even gender is a great way to advertise your goods and services. SEO knowledge at the very basic level should never ignore this combo; they are powerful, almost totally free (except for your time and efforts), and are available 24/7.

Utilize the Facebook Like Button

The ‘Like’ button on Facebook for instance is more than just an ‘approval rating’ mechanism, it is a great way to market your products and services. For example, if you offer home landscaping services and live in Alabama, chances are that over 50% of your friends on Facebook are from Alabama. If half of that number ‘like’ your Home Landscaping Services page, you already have potential customers.

Harvest Email Addresses

Next stage is to ‘harvest’ their email address from their pages (might be painstaking, but worth the while); then create a new list of would-be clients. Creatively design an email explaining what you do, make sure it is SEO-rich and free form spelling errors. Keep your newsletters short, straight to the point, and full of keywords relevant to your business.

Send Them Emails Offering Discounts and Bonuses

Send them different emails offering, for instance, discounts and bonuses, etc., over the course of some weeks (mostly two to three different emails per week); follow up with a backlink to your Facebook account and website or blog, and you are where you need to be. So simple!
The caveat however, is to make sure you are ready to service their needs, requests, and demands. Creating an online presence and sustaining it all boils down to credibility. Your knowledge and application of SEO or PPC campaigns, or even the email/social media combo would be worth nothing if your claims cannot be substantiated when the need arises.

Before the rise of the gargantuan social media, there was email marketing; serious business people on the internet know not to jettison this form of marketing; instead, adding new features and techniques to it would make a great, yet free method of making money online. Try it today!

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