E-commerce SEO Tricks

The viability of the internet in marketing can never by underestimated; millions of companies have had their businesses grow rapidly thanks to the power of the internet; the power of SEO marketing is considered to be one of the most creative ways to get to the market, catch the wave, and hold on to your customers. But is advertising on the internet really worth it, especially for small businesses that are more concentrated in local places? The following are simple but often looked-aside tips to help improve your presence on the internet and search engines.

Responsive Product Pages

The number of products on an e-commerce website is, to a very large extent, a determinant of how well the site does on search engines. For instance, a website with 50,000 products of the same brand name would most likely pop up on the first result pages than the one with 1,000 branded products. To take advantage of this fact, make sure all your products on offer carry a SEO-rich keyword with the name of brand also attached. It is critical to helping visitors find you fast and easy.

Smart Pictures

It is important to make sure you have a scroll over message embedded to each product’s picture. This works well especially if the ALT function carries several options of what to do with the picture. This should also be tied to the navigational functionality of the overall website. It would not make sense to have people see the pictures of what they truly want and not know where next to go to find and buy it.

Content Diversification on product page.

A site with 50,000 products on its list can find it difficult to create unique descriptions for all of them. However, doing this tedious job is quite important to create consistent traffic back to you. Making sure each product has a simple feedback mechanism, descriptions, reviews, testimonies, and the likes gives the product a personal touch and brings back more customers via search engines and other sources.

Product Name User-friendliness.

To create a truly SEO-rich site, it is crucial that you add the product name in intervals in some of the texts of the pages. Make sure the sentence flows easily and is sensible, and also reader-friendly. You can also apply the same method to the URL of each page. This way, a user may not need to get to the home page before finding the product since the search engines bring out the URL with the product name in the results. You can even go on to use this style with the title of product pages; it’s a smart way to get your site to the top of the search engines.

Non-Scrollable Banners.

This unconventional style of website design is becoming very popular and very effective too. With non-scrollable banners linked to the navigation system and carrying messages like ‘10% BONUS’ or ‘NEW ARRIVALS HERE,’ it is easier for visitors to go directly to the products page and make their purchase.

These are just a few ingenious ways of getting more traffic to your site. Don’t stop practicing and trying out new ideas, it’s the best way to stay in the game.

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