Don’t Just Use Adsense

One of the mistakes that a lot of bloggers make when they first start writing content for their site, is to try and monetize just off adsense. While in the past adsense was one of the easiest ways to make income, it has now become one of the least profitable ways as well as the most difficult ways. Since the advancement of technology, ads can now be blocked with a single click, and people are now less likely to click them too. Which brings me to the point of saying… “Don’t Just Use Adsense”.

Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of ways to make money off your content besides ads. A lot of bloggers have began to use affiliate programs to sell products related to their blogs niche. While it may be slightly harder to get someone to buy a product or service, the payoff is usually a lot more than what you would get from ads. For example, a low traffic blog might not earn anything from ads but can earn $50 from a single sale that they’ve referred.


Another way you can make money off your blog is to use a social sharing platform called Po.st. This neat website allows you to add a sexy sharebar to your website, and make revenue off people sharing your content. It does this by displaying a small banner after someone shares your content. While the amount you earn from CPM varies, Po.st is known to have high paying brands who are advertising via their platform.. so you’ll always get a fair amount from people sharing your content.

Sell Your Own Products

Creating and selling your own product is another great option when it comes to earning revenue through your blog. The best part is that you have complete control on how much you want it to cost, and you know exactly what your readers are getting. So, you can know for a fact that your readers aren’t getting ripped off for what you’re giving them.

As you can see there are many other ways that you can earn revenue besides ads, and I do recommend that you “create” several streams of revenue for yourself. Creating multiple streams of revenue allows you to earn more money and be secure with the fact that if something goes wrong, you still have income. So, what other ways do you earn revenue besides ads?

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  • I agree completely!

  • In my opinion the biggest problem with AdSense is, that you ask your visitors to leave your website. You don’t have a chance to build a relationship with them neither to show them your content. This is why I completely removed any Ads from my blog.