Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile? Why You Should Create One Now!


You have web presences on Facebook and Twitter. You are a member of professional organizations and trade groups. You may even have your own blog or web site. But if you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a potential gold mine of career networking capability.

Here are five things that a LinkedIn profile can do for you:

It Helps You Gain Insider Knowledge

The site has various tools like LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Groups, and LinkedIn Today, which give you access to people with similar professional interests – and effectively let you pick their brains and learn from their knowledge and experience. Information is power, and it can help improve your occupational prospects.

Provides An Online Organizer For Your Business Contacts

Let’s face it: You probably don’t want to group most of your professional acquaintances with your Facebook friends and give them access to all the stuff you share on Facebook. Connecting with someone on LinkedIn is like having a business card in cyberspace that your contact – and countless other professionals – can see all the time.

Lets Other People Vouch For You

Recommendation letters about you are great, but they take time for others to write. References are nice, too, but only work if an employer seeks them out. But the “Recommendations” feature on LinkedIn allows people who know about your strengths proclaim their support for you and your skills to the cyberworld – and everyone else can see that recommendation whenever they view your profile.

It Keeps You On Recruiters’ Radar

While you’re looking for that next great job, recruiters are actively trying to find skilled people to fill positions in their organizations. By filling out the Skills, Specialties, Recommendations, and Summary sections on your LinkedIn profile, recruiters who use search engines are more likely to see how fabulous you are – and make you a lucrative job offer.

It Makes You More Visible On Search Engines

LinkedIn data generally ranks as high or higher on search engine pages that data on Twitter or Facebook. Read that sentence again. If people are Googling you to learn what you’re all about, your LinkedIn profile might be what they click on first. So you darn sure want it to be informative and accurate.

Whether you are hoping to break into web design, wanting to trade commodities like gold and silver, or still trying to decide what your career path will be, it’s wise to create and maintain a vibrant LinkedIn profile. After all, 45 million LinkedIn members can’t be wrong.

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  • LinkedIn is not something people look at daily. But yes, the data is often viewed highly by search engines. There are instances however, when Twitter does have the leading edge. The only thing with LinkedIn is that you have to be more careful. Your coworkers and boss are more likely to see the data too. With great power (and SEO 😛 ) comes great responsibility.

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