Don’t Compete Too Aggressively

Competition Online

Building relationships with other people in your niche is very important. Most of us want to compete, and try to be better than the other blogs but is that the best way to go? I think we all need to sit down and talk a bit about building online relationships, and competing.

While it is important that you put your best foot forward; you shouldn’t compete aggressively. Almost everyone owns a website now, and it can be pretty hard to compete with people out there; especially if someone has a bigger budget than you. Still, money isn’t what we are talking about here.

Nobody Wins

There are many of us out there who are blogging about the same stuff, and there is no reason to “fight” or compete aggressively with each other. All of us lose if we compete too aggressively with each other. We have all seen websites block other websites URLs and names, just because they didn’t want to refer anyone to that site because it was in the same niche.

Missed Opportunities

We have also seen owners ban people who run a competing site. This isn’t the way to go, because both of them lose. One could have gotten some awesome traffic, and a link. While the other would have built a small relationship with the other site by sending them some traffic. It should be easy to see that everyone loses when we try blocking out another site, so we should just share the love with each other! There’s no reason to try and be greedy with the traffic, when we can easily all share it.

Share The Pie

There’s a lot of people online, and there is no reason to compete to be the “best” when we all can find our little piece of pie. We can get our piece of the pie by helping each other as well, instead of trying to blocking out our friends.

What do you do? Do you try to help out people who are in the same niche, or try to ignore them and be “better”?

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  • A good example for the actual collaboration is my upcoming ebook.
    I interviewed huge names like Neil Patel, Spencer Haws or Jeremy Frandsen for this. Just writing them an email and asking for an interview brought me to great additional content for my ebook.

    It’s essential for authors, blogger and webmaster to collaborate. Other examples would be guest postings or commenting, just like I’m doing right now 🙂

    Best regards,

  • In a sense, trying to be the top dog is very futile. Yeah, it could potentially happen some day, but if it does, it will be due to your originality and hard work. Winning a percentage of the market that will share your website with others is what counts. Just a like a real business, the whole world doesn’t need to visit for you to make a profit, although it would be nice. Very good points!

  • The concept of sharing the pie seems almost foreign to most entrepreneurs today. I’m glad you mentioned this one. Most people don’t only choose one type of food to eat, or one type of jeans to wear. Sharing traffic can actually help create a network, and retain your traffic.:) If you try to be too aggressive, you may make members choose between one or another, and it’s usually not in your favor since new websites are popping up daily.