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Boost Your SEO with Google+

Google +1

Google+ is now in the top 3 social networks, and its becoming something you can not ignore. Google has given you a free opportunity to boost your SEO and get leg up on competitors who don’t know what Google+ is. So, today we are going to talk about some of the ways that you can boost your SEO efforts with Google+! Get a Page Once you have a Google+ account, you can create a page […]


Using Skype Calls for Team Communication


When I started working online I mostly used text based instant messengers for communication, or just regular old email. Recently, I’ve started to use skype and it has done wonders when it comes to communicating with people on my team. So, why should you start using skype instead of email? Better Communication Sometimes it can be hard to get someone to picture an idea when it is the form of text. Well, when you call […]


Reasons You Should Join Google+ Today!


Every time a new social network comes along everyone doubts its success, and most of the time they are right to doubt it. The thing is, Google+ isn’t one of those things that you can doubt. Many Brands have already started capturing their market/consumers on Google+, and many have had a great experience doing it. So, why should you join Google+? Control Many people are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it […]


6 Free Tools to Build Your Online Community


Online communities are all around you and becoming more important every day. Social media is driving the internet to being part of peoples life’s, making them get together for a cause, for something they believe in, or just for fun. Big companies are starting to understand and integrate their brand and products into this collaborative world. Take Coca-Cola for example, they’ve created the “Live Positively” community, where you can get involved in many different “green” actions. […]


The Best Free Social Media Management Apps

Social Media

Most of you (if not all) will have multiple social media accounts I am guessing.  The common problem is how to effectively and efficiently manage all those accounts you have on each different social media website. Not just posting and reading, but responding to posts and tracking trends. If you’re an ordinary guy or girl, or a business with a very small budget, there are apps that can help you easily manage your many social media accounts […]