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Should You Have a Tech Expert in Your Classroom?


Given technology’s increasingly dominant influence on both our personal and professional lives, there is an ongoing argument about the need for both technology and technology expertise in the classroom today. We’ll review the two different arguments, both for and against having a specific technology resource in class. Teaching tools, including books, are becoming increasingly accessible via technology, yet there is resistance to the full adoption of technology in classrooms. The argument for. Schools leverage technology […]


7 Awesome Websites to Listen to Free Music Online


There are many websites today on the internet that computer users can use for their entertainment purposes and this will include listening to their favorite music. Most of these sites provide listeners with an interface where they will be able to search and find their favorite songs with ease and this is through the ability of searching for songs using their names, the artists name as well as using the album’s name if applicable. Most of these sites […]


A Few Addictive Websites That Can Help to Kill Time

Addictive Websites

Here’s a list of some fun sites we’ve found over time of honestly just being bored at home in front of the computer. Apart from the obvious options like Facebook, Youtube, StumbleUpon and Delicious, where you get a ton of very nice sources for all kinds of different things, we tried to come up with a different list of interesting websites you could spend some of your spare time at. 1. Break With more than 55 million pageviews a month, […]