Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Its 2013, and the world have moved on tremendously after the internet first surfaced on a commercial scale in the 90’s; businesses, politics, sales and marketing, and even religion, among others rely on the internet to buy, sell, make friends, or just send a message across.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is no doubt one of the most revolutionary achievements of the internet history. But how do you get SEO cheaply to drive traffic to your website, interest potential customers, and make that all-important sale? Here are a few simple tips.

Informative Keyword Rich Articles

Whether it’s a horse shoe or lingerie marketing website, getting the right mix of SEO-rich keyword articles is a surefire way to get your customers glued to your message. It is crucially important for marketers to understand that JavaScript banners alone cannot win customers; attractive words, descriptions, reviews, testimonies, and the likes are sure to get people interested in whatever you are selling. Articles must be keyword rich but not done in a senseless manner; getting the right fusion when it comes to articles on your website can grow your business very, very rapidly.

Easily Memorable Domain Name

How creative you can be with the name of your website is another way of improving your SEO. There are millions of websites out there with good and useful products but because people don’t remember their names, they rely on search engines to provide them with optional companies where they can buy the same product(s). This is one of the reasons many businesses are not growing online. But with a short, descriptive, but memorable domain name, customers may not need to rely on search engines, which would only show the ‘big boys’ on the first few pages of the result. So, try to be creative, brief, and clear when choosing a domain name.

Well Structured Site Navigation

Turning in traffic to your site depends also on how well it is designed and organized. A clumsy website with poor navigational facilities can be very unattractive to would-be customers. On the other hand, having a well thought out and organized method of going to and fro the whole pages is not only productive, it gives a feeling of satisfaction to the visitors.

Spellings and Grammar

This is one area many web developers take for granted. Interestingly, the more mistakes there are on your site, no matter how SEO-rich it is, shows how incompetent you are; it gives a sense of unreliability to the visitor. Always make sure to spell-check and correct every single word and sentence before uploading them.

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