An Overview of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting could be your best option if you have a company website that runs a more complex or unique type of scripts/programs. Dedicated servers give you total control over the drive configuration that will house your site. That means no worries about making your programs fit in with any other company programs. This kind of flexibility enables you to have a choice of what operating system and what type of software will be running your site and maintain its files.

Technical Aspects

It is vital for you to understand web applications if you plan on using dedicated hosting. Before you can get the most from having your server completely dedicated and totally devoted to your company, then you need to build your software configuration from the ground up. That way it will work seamlessly with whatever network you currently use.

There will be some specific software you will need for installing the dedicated server. One such software is the ‘OS’ (operating system), another is a ‘control panel’, then ‘scripting software’, and lastly ‘content management software’.

A lot of software and hosting companies have realized that if they bundle their server software they can offer it to you at a discount. That means you can find pre-packaged deals that will fit quite well with the needs of your company.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Technical support is one of the benefits to having a managed dedicated host. The hosting company will handle the technical support side of your software and hardware operations. They will usually deliver all the technical support that would come if you hired an IT department of your own to keep up your site. They give you the proper software bundle for your site configuration and then troubleshoot it for problems. Then they give you the means to keep your site updated via your own customized content management system.

Un-managed Dedicated Hosting

This kind of hosting plan is less costly than one that is managed. That is because there aren’t as many support benefits to it from a software perspective. The web host will still perform the updating of your hardware but your company will be responsible for configuring your server and for keeping it running properly. If you select an unmanaged dedicated plan then be sure there is somebody within your company with a grasp of network configuration and web applications. You could spend a lot of hours totally frustrated attempting to build as well as maintain a website if you have no access to an expert in networking.

The Option Of A Virtual Private Server

The Virtual Private Server is one of the newest additions to break into this dedicated hosting market. This type of server enables companies to save huge amount of money through the use of shared hosting plans. They also allow companies the freedom of including intricate programming scripts and codes on their websites. The basic design for virtual private servers is that one single server ends up being split into several smaller dedicated regions. Each region then acts like it is a dedicated server on its own. How much money you can save this way can be very substantial.

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