A Few Addictive Websites That Can Help to Kill Time

Here’s a list of some fun sites we’ve found over time of honestly just being bored at home in front of the computer. Apart from the obvious options like FacebookYoutubeStumbleUpon and Delicious, where you get a ton of very nice sources for all kinds of different things, we tried to come up with a different list of interesting websites you could spend some of your spare time at.

1. Break


With more than 55 million pageviews a month, Break is a cutting edge community for guys and the content they like, content made by their viewers for its viewers combined with the best in professional content around the internet.


2. Metacafe


Metacafe is a community driven entertainment website that focuses on offering short form original video sharing and hosting allowing any and every video to be posted by its members.


3. DiceWars


Created by the Japanese game site GameDesign, DiceWars is a very addictive flash game where you have to fight for territories on the globe, which reminds a lot the “War” table game.


4. Zanorg Flash Games


Those flash games provided by Zanorg are aimed irritate and make you nervous, quite tempting huh? Enjoy, they’re really fun to play!


5. TheTurn.tv


TheTurn.tv is an experimental project created by Fred Viola and Aer Studio (check their website out!) about music, movements and physics. Clean design, nice interface and quite addictive.


Hope you enjoy these and can kill some time! 😉

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  • This is definately useful. I already knew about half of these sites, so I can be sure that the others are probably very addictive and entertaining.

    Guys and girls, just make sure you stay off these sites when you’re at work!

  • I knew about some of these sites, but not all of them. I will have to bookmark them and check them out. I am always looking for new places to crash and kill time. Thanks for the awesome blog. This will be extremely useful when I am bored. You should write a blog entry about websites that you can use when you are bored and make some cash at the same time. Sometimes it is just little petty cash, but that tends to make it more fun.

  • All I have to say is I will probably learn to hate this list! I know that I have managed to get very busy with Facebook, but now that I learned about these other sites I will waste even more time. However, it will help me fight off the boredom which is present.

  • Well the list you have made has some really addictive websites. Believe me I looked at them all and my boredom went away. So , it is better to not stick to Facebook all the time and get bored but enjoy a variety of different websites full of fun content like the ones mentioned above.Thanks for the list.

  • Breakfree – I know how you feel about Facebook. I love doing some of the apps and games on there when I get bored. But, it gets old and boring pretty quickly. It is definitely nice to have other boredom relief options.

    Waynefire – Ahahaha. Because finding new places to cure boredom eventually backfires? You will go from entertaining yourself in your spare time. To letting it seep over into time you should be doing something else. I know that feeling.

  • This is a pretty good starter list, except I don’t think that Metacafe is offering revenue generating video opportunities any more. Break studios is extremely entertaining for guys ( I’m a gal) and if they like your ideas you can sell them videos.

  • Great article on alternative websites to waste time on. Over time I find the usual time-wasters monotonous, that’s where Break and Metacafe come in. Zanorg is a very worthy substitute for the usual flash gaming site, with a twist. And after spending 3 hours on Dice Wars and returning to make this comment, I’m afraid to check out TheTurn.tv. It’ll be waiting on the bookmark tab for a visit soon. Thanks for the article, admin!

  • I kind of agree with you. I would like to see another article from a more female point of view. It seems like the “entertainment” in these websites was more geared towards a male audience. Nice to know I’m not the only one who thought that way.

  • I have spend countless hours of my life on these web sites. I that found all of these sites are able to keep me entertained when I am bored, or waiting for something to do. I have to say that Turn.tv is my favorite site of all of these, it is refreshingly innovative.

  • I don’t know if I should thank you or not 😀 That’s the kind of thing where I lose my time even when I obviously shouldn’t 😀 . Especially when I shouldn’t actually

  • I think you’re going to hate me more when I recommend http://www.wimp.com to you.


  • Huh, I’ve only heard of meta-caffee on this list. I would also add reddit to the list, it kills SO MUCH time, just because of all the content. I am definitely going to check out those Zonorg flash games.

  • Reddit should definitely have been number 1 on the list. No matter who you are, there is a subreddit or 50 that will relate to your interests. There is almost never a shortage of information, and you can really learn alot from that site, not to mention watch the hours fly by.

  • Wow. I’ve never heard of some of these. Break sounds like a really addicting website. I love watching funny videos. I’ll definitely be checking that out. Hopefully it’ll kill my boredom! Thanks so much for sharing these. I hope I can find some prank calls on it. 😀

  • Haha, I should definitely stay away from those. I already waste too much time on twitter!