7 Free Link Building & Research Tools You May Not Have Heard About

As long as the battle for online supremacy is still being waged, link building will remain an important tool that could aid your success. Many search engines consider your page links to be a vote of confidence from your peers, for everyone wants to be associated with the best.
Not only are links a sign of confidence and ever so often quality, having links to sites that deal specifically with your targeted market can help drive a lot of relevant traffic to your site. Valuable traffic, traffic that will actually find what you are doing to be interesting and thus want to spend money on whatever you recommend. There are very many reasons why people build links, but these two are some of the most common and valuable ones.
However, link building is not easy and often takes a great deal of time. But just because you have done all that needs to be done to get that valuable backlink doesn’t mean that it will always work. Sometimes pages have broken links, which turn out to be useless and inherently detrimental to the health of your website. You therefore have to be very careful when building links. There are tools you can use to help you in this endeavor.

Here are 7 Free Link Building & Research Tools You May Not have heard Of.
1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth
Xenu’s link sleuth is a very useful tool when it comes to checking your website for dead or broken links. This tool, once deployed on your website, it grabs a root webpage and runs a thorough scan to make sure that every single link there is working correctly. By simply customizing the analysis with your preferred filters, you can set the number of simultaneous threads.

This free link checking tool generates a report that gives the analysis on each and every link on your website. Once this report is generated, you can simply go through the individual links or URL’s and repair what needs repairing. As mentioned earlier, broken or dead links can actually negatively affect your website rating.
2. Backlink Analysis and Monitoring Software
As we all know, not all backlinks are created equal. There are some links that actually negatively affect your website’s search engine ranking. That is why you need this free backlink analysis, and monitoring software to root out the bad apples.

  • This software is web based and analyzes a link’s:
  • IP address,
  • Google page ranking,
  • Alexa ranking,
  • Social count,
  • Which pages on your site the links go to,
  • Backlink status,
  • Internal and external backlinks.

With this software, you can download the backlink analysis on CSV format and go through them yourself to determine which ones are worth keeping and which ones are not. Being web based, this system can run on any platform.
One thing to note is that there are two versions of this software on the market today. The Single Project and the Multi-project versions. The only difference between them is that the Multi-Project version can handle more than one site. So if you own multiple sites, this is the version for you. They both have the same features and none of them is for sale. To be upgraded to the Multi-Project version, you either contact customer service or refer a friend.
3. Strucr
With Strucr, you can analyze Links on Website for up to 10000 links. Not only that, but it runs a thorough check on your website and helps you:- detect any structural issues that may be – Find and identify your websites most valuable pages- It helps you find the best pages to link from and to- Informs you about any errors or network problems- Finds and highlights any on page issues that you may have
Strucr is a very valuable tool when it comes to testing and analyzing your website and on page SEO factors. It has four packages on offer. The free package only gives you up to 10,000 links. The next versions require an upgrade that will cost you $164 or 119 Euros a month for 100,000 links; the next one will cost you 357 Euros or $490 a month for 6 million links; the package with all the features will cost you 952 Euros or $1,308 a month and this gives you 12 million links.
4. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
This is a program that can be installed locally on either your PC, Linux or Mac. It looks for key on-site SEO elements and allows you to run a check through the common SEO issues that you may experience. The best part is that this data is gathered and regularly updated so you always have what you need at your convenience through excel. The following is just a small rundown of what data this free tool analyzes and presents…

  • Client and server errors
  • Permanent or temporary redirects
  • Missing or duplicate page titles
  • Missing or duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Missing or duplicate H1 and H2
  • Canonical link elements
  • Inlinks, and outlines
  • Follow and Nofollow links and so much more.

5. Bing Link Explorer
Discovering links online that can actually help raise your websites rating can be a bit of a hassle if you do not know what you are doing. But with Bing Link Explorer, this task is made much easier because this tool runs the diagnostics for you, finds the right links as per your niche and thus giving you a competitive backlinking edge.
Here is a bit on how Bing Link Explorer can be of use to you:-

  • You can pull backlinking data from any website of your choosing. This means you can look at what your competitors are doing and device a better course of action-
  • Runs a complete analysis on your own backlinking profile, alerting you on any potential issues and areas that need improving
  • Helps you identify any potentially damaging trends with your anchor text

6. SEOkicks
This is a wonderful backlink checker from Germany. They pride themselves in having a database of over 50 billion recorded links. They use their own crawler so there are no third party backlinks. It is free to use, but it is in German. They only recently went international but all the important information can easily be understood by non-German speaking clients. This tool is widely known for its provision of high quality backlink information. The database is growing everyday, which makes it one of the backlinking tools to watch.
7. WebMeUp Backlink Tool
With this free tool (free while in beta) you can

  • Easily evaluate your backlink profile and determine which links may put your website and ranking at risk
  • Download your competitors links and get the best backlinks they have
  • Get uniquely SEO significant backlinks to any given siteWith the WebMeUp backlink tool, you can easily get more, better and up to a million backlinks for free. Some websites even get up to 1.5 million. After that, there are pocket friendly monthly subscription packages on offer.

The lowest starts from $19.95 a month and the highest goes for $5,000 a month. Of course, this all depends on how heavy your SEO is. They pledge to keep their prices pocket friendly for their business clients. Backlinking can often be a tedious and sometimes even painful undertaking. It can be very costly too, if not done right. With these 7 free backlinking tools, you can now run a thorough analysis on any backlinks you want to acquire and even on those that you already have so as to make sure there aren’t any that are putting your website and its ranking at risk.

The author is in SEO industry since more than 7 years now and regularly writers about various seo and link building related topics. He also writes for which is a directory of top brands and websites.

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