6 Non SEO Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business

Marketing your online business can be a tricky proposition when you consider the different search engines and the rules that seem to be changed without notice that can negatively affect your organic search ranking. Take Google for instance, in just a few years they have declared that press releases might hurt your rankings, the once respected practice of guest blogging may hurt your rankings, they changed their position on keywords in anchor text and they have even begun penalizing sites that they believe are trying to game the system.

With all of the changes that are occurring, especially the penalties, it is clear that these algorithms are having trouble deciding the difference between a good site and a site that increased its ranking through gaming the system. If this was not the case, then why the punitive action and the blanket statements warning against certain link types?  If good links are still good and bad links are still bad then why all the general warnings about links if the algorithm can tell the difference between good and bad?

Because it is clear that the work you are doing today can actually harm you tomorrow it is best to find alternative ways to market your online business so you can survive and even thrive in the event that you lose organic ranking.


One of the ways to assure you keep your customer base is to make sure you keep an email list. If you sell a product that was purchased from your site make sure to have some sort of disclaimer notifying the customer that they may receive promotional emails in the future.  If you are not selling a product then create a newsletter or some other informational product that requires an email subscription in exchange for valuable information.

Email allows you to stay in touch with your customers without being too intrusive, it allows you to send them deals on product you need to move quickly and it also provides the opportunity to introduce new products.

Content Marketing

Another excellent method of marketing your business is to provide expert quality content on blogs. Despite what the talking heads say guest posting on someone else’s site gives you the opportunity to show a new customer base that you are an industry expert. The readers often visit your site to look over your services or products after reading a well written post.  While there is always risk involved in having links on the web, they are necessary for the readers to be able to easily click and visit your site.

In the News

Press releases often get picked up as news on all the search engines, in addition the news sites that pick these up usually have their own traffic which can drive visitors to your site. These are excellent branding tools and they allow you to announce changes to your site, special and even new products.

Get Social

Social marketing is extremely popular and the kings of social media are Facebook and Twitter. While it may take time to build an audience using Facebook and twitter ads can speed the process up as well as doing giveaways in exchange for likes and shares. As your audience grows you can market to these fans in much the same way that you would with email.

Be Alert

Another option that takes a little more work is alerts. Most search engines have some sort of alert function based around the keywords you choose. By monitoring the alerts that are delivered to your inbox you can find conversations and questions about the products you offer or the services you provide. Upon receiving these alerts you can then go to the page where the conversation is happening and add to the topic or answer the question with a referral back to your website.

Brick and Mortar

Offline marketing can offer and avenue that many online businesses do not take advantage of. Internet marketers sometimes forget that they are marketing to real people who travel, eat out and do other things outside of sitting in front of a computer. Many small local publications offer very reasonable rates to advertise and readers may see your ad and visit that way. Radio and television can also provide a boost to traffic and now you are getting a customer that may not have been considering visiting your site.

Don’t Become a Victim

We would all love to be able to provide users what they want and suddenly be rewarded with loads of traffic. The problem with that line of thought is how do users find you if you don’t put your business out there? The truth of the matter is that in order to be found that you either have to pay search engines to show your ads, you have to rank or you have to find some other way to get your business in the eye of the public. With the ever changing rules regarding organic results, depending on them to keep you afloat may end up being your demise. By implementing other methods of generating traffic you can keep your business running no matter what search engine companies decide to do.

Pete Kontakos is a blogger that enjoys talking martial arts, sports and animals. He often visits US Pet Medicine to learn more about pet care.

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