5 Websites to Get Free Icons

The more the web becomes an application source, icons become more important t to make the software/design stand out from the rest. We have decided to come up with a list of the top 5 free websites that provide quality icons. These 5 websites that we have found are absolutely awesome and can help anyone who is quickly looking for a free icon!

1. IconFinder



Probably the best known source to find your free icons (most of them are Creative Commons licensed), IconFinder had to be first on this list. It works like a “Google for Icons”, you just need to search for the name or type of the icon you’re looking for and IconFinder brings you all the results and download links on a superb user interface.


2. IconsPedia



Very similar to IconFinder, IconsPedia is a search engine for free icons. With a simple and easy to understand user interface and a nice search engine, IconsPedia is a great source for your free icons.


3. FamFamFam


Those tiny and awesome images are probably the most used free icons on the internet. Anywhere you go, mainly in Open Source Applications, you will find FamFamFam’s icons. And there’s a reason for that: they are awesome!


4. IconEden



IconEden is an icon gallery created by Frexy Studio and besides their Premium Icons category, they also showcase a very nice free icon gallery that you can download and use.


5. iconPot



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  • The only one I have not heard of on this list before is FamFamFam. 🙂 I will definitely be giving that site a look over. Thanks once again! Your articles are always the best. I cannot tell you how much helpful information and resources I acquire from your blog.

  • Thanks so much! 🙂 Appreciate your kind words!

  • Thanks for this list of websites where I can get icons, and more importantly free icons.This is so helpful, now I don’t need to google for icons and come accross advertising and really expensive icon packages . Thanks again.

  • The FamFamFam icons are classic, I’ve use the Silk icons for numerous web projects.

  • Amazing. There is such a huge choice. I was tired tu use the same old ones over and over again

  • I am a graphic designer, that’s why I know most of them. IconFinder is a nice and professional website which have a wide variety of icons. IconsPedia doesn’t have a very good design, but it has many icons. I don’t know FamFamFam, but I will definitely visit it. IconEden is really helpful, especially if you are looking for a unique icon. IconPot doesn’t look very professional, I think that it’s a new website. Finally, I would like to give you another website for icons. IconsArchive is also good and you can find a huge collection of icons.