3 Ways to Build Great Backlinks to Your Site

The amount of ways that you can build backlinks to your site is always increasing. There are also methods being phased out as we speak. I mean, just look at forum signatures and comment links … they used to be valuable, but now they are almost worth nothing when it comes to link juice.

So, what are some legitimate ways to build backlinks to your site to gain rankings and traffic? We have went ahead and listed a few for you below.

1. Guest Posts

This is currently the most popular way of build high-quality, niche related backlinks. Guest posting is publishing unique content (created by you) on a blog that has authority in your niche. This allows you to present yourself to an already built audience while building some great backlinks.

Guest Posting is important because you need to build relationships with other site owners, and present yourself to as many audiences as possible to build your own.

Look around for guest posting opportunities in your niche. Most blogs are more than happy to accept a guest post if its quality work.

2. Through Social Media

Now it might sound kind of weird to use social media to get backlinks, but it is possible and does work. Now, most of you reading this post are probably already using social media to advertise your content. But are you using your social media account for things besides promoting your own content?

Social media isn’t about shameless self promotion, but it’s about communicating with other people and sharing each other’s content. It’s pretty easy to start retweeting someone else’s stuff, or to just ask them questions. DO IT! Once someone sees that you are generously sharing their content and helping them out, most likely they will do the same for you. They might even link to you in a blog post if they like your content enough!

Also, social signals have been proven to increase serps. So, all the retweets and favs you get do count in the end!

3. Question and Answer Sites

I’ve heard quite a few reports of people getting some great traffic and link juice from question and answer sites (Specifically Yahoo Answers). The only problem with Question and Answer sites is that you will have to spend a large amount of time answering questions before you can even start building backlinks. But in the end it’s worth it because Q&A sites are generally the first result in Google for questions. If you’re willing to spend the time answering questions, then I’d definitely say go for it!


So those are some of the ways that you can build legitimately strong backlinks to your website, blog or forum! There are obviously other ways to build links to your site, but these are the types of links that I am currently building to mine. What are some of the methods that you are currently using to build your link portfolio? Are there any link building methods you stopped using recently?

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