10 Ways to Get More Backlinks to Your Site

This is a Guest Post by Matt Smith. Matt (@MattASmitty) is an online sales and marketing dude. Currently Matt runs BusinessPirate.com. Business Pirate teaches you how to build your own video course business.

Getting inbound links to your site is paramount for SEO and driving traffic. Below are the top 10 ways to build your backlinks.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is where you write a blog post for someone else’s blog. You provide the publisher with great content for his readers and in return the publisher links back to your site. Guest posting is free and infinitely scalable. The number of links is only limited to the number of posts you write. Guest posting is a combination of marketing and sales hustle. To land a good amount of guest posts you need to really hustle and pitch your content to a lot of publishers.

2. Give-aways

A give-away is in the same vein as guest posting. A give-away is a fantastic tactic. Reach out to the site owner and offer to give free product to his readers. Ideally you team up on a simply Twitter and comment contest. Readers tweet a predetermined message and comment on the giveaway post to be entered in the contest. The give-away post contains a link to your site.  Offer to give the 10 winners one year of your software for free. The give-away prize needs to be relevant to your company and a low cost high value prize. Don’t give-away an iPad or Subway gift card 😀

3.  Directories

Site directories have lost a lot of clout with Google but they are still relevant. You can submit your website to these directories and they will link to you. With sooo many directories the SEO juice from the sheer number of directories will definitely help. A good way save time and get these submissions done in mass is to use a site like Fiverr.com. Pay someone on Fiverr $5 to submit your site to over 100 directories!

4. Article Marketing

Sites such as Ezinearticles let you write and submit articles to their site. Ezine then publishes the article and links to your site. The number of links and articles is truly unlimited. (The traffic from these links is pretty limited unless you can work some keyword magic.)

5. YouTube

I have found that if you publish great content on YouTube you can increase your inbound links. Put your full URL in the description of the video and when people embed the video they will also occasionally grab the content in the description. Since you had your full URL in the description you get a nice link back to your site. Plus the links on YouTube don’t hurt either!

6. LinkedIn Business Page

Everyone talks about Facebook pages. But LinkedIn pages have more SEO juice. Setting up a LinkedIn Business Page is super easy. Setup it up in 10 minutes and BOOM you have an inbound link from LinkedIn.

7. Squidoo

Setting up a Squidoo page is another simple way to get an inbound link to your site. Spend one hour setting up your Squidoo page. Add videos, blog posts, and a bunch of links to your site on your Squidoo page.

8. Slideshare

SlideShare is a very under discussed marketing channel. Promoting your content on SlideShare is easy and fun. Your profile page on SlideShare has a link to your site.

9. Wikipedia

Why not list your company on Wikipedia? Seems to make sense to me and another link never hurts.

10. Use Social Bookmarking Sites and Pininterest

The goal of inbound links is to get found and increase traffic to your site. Social bookmarking and Pininterest will help you get found which will hopefully lead to inbound links.

WOW! I have some serious link building to do. I better get to work on my own site Business Pirate.


Thanks for the article Matt!

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  • These are all some great ways to gain some back links to your site. However, I have seen where the recent updates from Google has managed to beat down places like Ezinearticles and Squidoo. Do you have any experience with these hurting your site or not?

  • Your ten ways of getting backlinks to the site are really helpful. I had been wondering a lot what to do to increase the number of backlinks to my site but now that I read your article I think I cand do it and your tips make it seem really easy. Thank you very much

  • I have seen a lot of people praise guest blogging. I even know some website owners that like to hire people just to go around and do guest blogs for them and their benefits. So, I can completely understand why that is at the top of this list.

    I am not really a big fan of Ezine, personally. Everyone talks about how hard and strict they are with their article acceptance rates. Plus, I was a little confused and intimidated by the site.

  • I’ve had a website for over 10 years. It’s fairly well established. However, I am always looking for ways to to build backlinks and bring in traffic. I have never tried guest posting. Also, I’ve never heard of SlideShare. These are two new things I should look into.

    While I have used Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to promote my articles and blog posts, I don’t always feel I’m making the most of them. I’ve only recently joined Pinterest and I’m not sure how to best use it to being in traffic.

    You’ve given me quite a bit to think about and a couple of new things to try. Thanks!

  • Thank you Matt for this article about backlinking! I have always had a loose understanding of using backlinks for marketing and your article about how to get them, actually helped me understand exactly what they are and the importance of having backlinks. I actually am on my way to make a Linked In account now. I don’t have a website but I am a writer so I am sure it couldn’t hurt.

  • The wikipedia point is interesting and definitely not something I would have thought of. I’ve also been toying with the idea of attempting to add the Youtube element to my blog. But somehow that seems much more frightening the other things on the list.

  • I really believe in online and any business, time is money. It’s really important that time is not wasted when it comes to trying to build inbound links to your business. I believe the most effective strategies from this article to obtain inbound links is article marketing, social networking and the use of YouTube.